Pigeon Needs a Name


About a month ago Emmett and I found a sick pigeon in our back yard – after watching him hang out in the hottest of the summer heat under a bush for three quarters of a day I finally brought him into the house where he hung out on Emmett’s bed until we found a cage for him in town.  Pigeon is all black and has the sleek lines of a dove –  a little internet research and google image searches on black pigeons have lead us to believe that he is either a king pigeon which are bread for squab or a black racing pigeon.


Of course the idea of a racing pigeon is more glamorous then one of an eating pigeon – and the moment of truth was when he was finally well and re-released into the back yard.


Rather then taking off and soaring over the house our pigeon hopped around the yard a few times – took a dip in the pool and then settled in on the back woodpile.


So I guess we have ourselves a new pet pigeon – who now needs a pigeon house and a good pigeon name.

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