Enter Kitten


Laura and Anna found Kitten in the middle of 29 Palms Hwy.  So much in the middle, that the four cars before them had to straddle him to avoid making kitten roadkill.  Laura risked her life to run into the hwy and save him – but unfortunately by then he had already suffered enough injuries that the local shelter said that if they took him, he would have to be put down.


Thinking that there is nothing that can’t be solved by throwing a little cash at it, is where I came in.  (It never fails that whenever I’m almost down to zero in my bank account, that a new stranded animal shows up and I start spending money on vet bills like other people spend on shoes)  See the stitches under his chin?  All the skin there had to be pulled back up and re-fastened, he has a broken leg and tail, and lost the pad off of one of his rear feet.


Not that that we need another animal in the house – we already have Poppy the dog, Emmett’s two beetles named Billy and Sam, the Tortoise named Rosemary Desert Willow, the unnamed pigeon – and now we have a kitten.    I’m not a cat person but really have to admit that kitten totally rocks.  He is resilient, gregarious, affectionate, voracious and better then an alarm clock at 6:30 AM.

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  1. Oh My goodness!! Thank heavens for kind hearted souls!
    It looks to me like a bond has been made,but if you are in a pinch,just send up a flair, and Im sure I could help find this furry survivor a loving home


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