Last Trip Post (swear)


For years I’ve scoffed at tent owners, preferring the canopy of starry skies at night.  But not having BLM maps for most of Arizona and New Mexico I realized that we would probably be staying in a lot of public campgrounds – and finally broke down and bought a really comfortable REI car camping tent.  Not as glamourous as a little high tech backpacking tent – but it is pretty darn nice to be able to stand up when you pull your pants on.

This was the best campsite of the trip – right on the edge of the waters of the Rio Chame, not too far from Georgia O’keefe’s hometown  of Abique.  The campground was 11 miles down a bumpy gravel road leading to a monastery – even on the even of Labor Day weekend there wasn’t another camper to be seen or heard.


The travel book described Taos as being capable of inducing spiritual enlightenment – however the town itself felt a bit touristy and homogenous.  However Michael’s Kitchen provided sustenance in the form of heavily spiced breakfast burritos and Ms. Quick-stop on the northern end of town managed to likewise revive the struggling Subaru with a radiator flush, oil change and new air filter.

The biggest regret of the trip was arriving at the Earthships 9 minutes too late for a self guided tour.  I’ve been wanting to visit these for years and discovered that there are a few that you can even book for overnight stays.  Later we found this one for sale on Zillow (hard to tour the country without the Zillow Ap on your iphone honed in on every possible purchase)


I heart Earthships.  They both bring out the hippy in me and make me want to make love to a sci-fi alien being.

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