IMG_9440The last two months have involved a lot of traveling.  While I was away on my last trip a monster windstorm took out the siding on my house, flipped the outdoor toilet and shower, blew a huge steel water tank half way down the road, and ripped doors off of the Wagon Stations.



It feels like progress out here always comes with a price… for every three steps forward there are at least two backward.  So now starts the process of putting everything back together again.  We are always in need of extra hands at times like this – if anyone in the area has some tight woodworking skills and can come help get everything back on line this month give us a shout!


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  1. stephanie

    where is a-z west in 29 palms… been following you for years…. live n.calif. rural remote build your own, off the grid, came in the 70’s…
    going to me in a-z west area soon… are you open to the public…

    • andrea zittel

      We are in Joshua Tree – not too far from town. Starting in March there will be tours of AZ West (on a Saturday, once every other month) offered through High Desert Test Sites. If you want to be on the HDTS mailing list you can send an email to Thanks!


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