The Rest of It

AZ West June 2010 - Photo by Giovanni Jance 032 copy

Since as I’m showing the kitchen, I should throw in an image of the patio area next to it.  A few months ago TK made the fire-ring with a drop-on barbecue grating.  The ring is totally huge which is fantastic for wintertime bonfires in which I secretly burn almost all of my household paper waste (meaning fewer trips to the dump which is about a 45 minute drive from A-Z West).  The gnarled teak root chairs and table came from the Sky Drive In Swap Meet in Yucca Valley (where Amy and Wendy Yao will be doing an HDTS project in October) – they used to have loads of great furniture like this, but sadly it has since been all sold off.  (thanks to my friend Giovanni Jance for this very perfect and professionally shot pic of the fire-ring)

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