The last week has been so insanely action packed that I’m going to be posting everything six or seven days late.  A lot has been going on from two fantastic new stained glass windows by my friend Steve Halterman, the Von Tundra/Specific weekend at A-Z West, and a massive work party in my own studio with seven people working full steam on the upcoming show for Berlin.  The image above is from the “Make Shade” workshop by Von Tundra…

On Friday Brooks of Specific, Brad, the Von Tundra guys (Dan, Brian and Chris) arrived at A-Z West along with their crew and cohorts Coleen, Cyan, Zach and Christian, for of a really super incredible and intense weekend.


The event kicked off on Friday night with a cocktail party at Blake’s new motel the Mojave Sands (with delicious Persian food brought out by Dorna), and continued on Saturday with a watermelon rind pickling workshop by Coleen, A make shade workshop by VonTundra, A really nice artists talk by the VT guys, and an insanely delicious dinner by chef Colleen French of the  Renegade Dining Club in the A-Z Wash


….followed by an even more stupendous brunch the following morning. By Sunday night everyone sunburned and muscle-sore from lugging tables, chairs, loads of food and of course beverages back and forth to the far end of the wash – but it was so totally worth all the hard work.


Brooks was great and I totally want to work with him again.  The VonTundra crew are amazing and I want them to make a winter studio in Joshua Tree (or maybe they can customize a Wagon Station and come live in the wash),  the participants were totally interesting, generous and incredibly good sports – and as always the volunteers made all of this possible and saved the day by jumping in every time one of us were in over our heads.  (thank you so much Dorna, Merete, and Mette!)


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