Well well


It is hard to describe the feeling when your well goes out.  On Tuesday afternoon when the water first stopped flowing I figured the problem was one of the above ground pumps that moves water around the property.  Finally when it became clear that the well wasn’t filling the main holding tank, I started to have flashbacks to life at AZ West before we had water.  That was back before the kid, the studio, the guest house and the encampment with it’s string of visitors.  Having water brought in by truck was expensive and difficult, even back then – so it is hard to imagine trying running this operation with no water now.


Then Walter from North American Drilling showed up with my reality check.  The well hadn’t run dry – but the pipes and pump were going to have to be pulled… at a price.  On Tuesday the rig arrived to pull up all 660 feet of pipe.  (my well is deep!)  By mid day the final lengths appeared…


revealing a hole so tiny that it doesn’t even show up in this photograph.  Or it is there if you look really hard.  About the size of a pea, and the culprit of all of this effort and expense.  By Wednesday night there was new pipe (PVC so it won’t rust out) and a new pump because the original one appeared to be on it’s last legs, and everything has been buttoned up and water is flowing throughout the land once again…  The entire saga has been a bit of a financial setback – but all the same, it is sure nice to be able to flush the toilet and take a morning shower.


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