Wrap Up

IMG_9203Now that we have two seasons a year when people can come stay in the encampment here at A-Z West,  our composting toilets have been outputting at peak capacity.  The toilets are made out of simple- five gallon buckets where poop and sawdust accumulate, and every few days they are emptied into contained concrete composting bins.  (A great book to check out on the subject is the Humanure Handbook – Our friend and former  intern Ari recommended it a few years back, and we now stock it on the bookshelves at the HDTS HQ.)  The Humanure has to compost for a full year before it is used on edibles like vegetables, so our composting bin has two sides that are used on alternating years.   (The left side in the photo above has been sitting for full year and the right side is fresh “in progress” compost)

IMG_9220In January we pull out the finished compost, sift it, and put it on the garden –  and seal up the newest compost batch so that it can continue to do it’s thing for the upcoming year.  Kelly and Dean got to spend a gloriously warm winter day outside this week sifting the compost – which surprised both of them with it’s dirt like qualities.  (Though I believe I heard them comment that they found a few pieces of compost that harked back to their earlier formal composition.)

IMG_9439So that is another year-end wrap-up.  2012  is now in the vegetable planters and the residue of 2013 is under a thick layer of straw settling into it’s final  season of trasnformation.


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